KCP~ 2019 Shoot and Share Contest

If you have ever been on one of the local ‘yard sale’ or ‘residents’ facebook pages, you will undoubtedly seen the (almost daily) posts asking for photographer recommendations. And if you ever took the time to see the responses….well, there are a TON of photographers recommended. When we first moved back to Greenville, I used to take time to look up the photographers that were mentioned. Sometimes I would see names that I recognize, but more often than not, I wouldn’t recognize a single name. There are THAT many photographers in the area. When I was first building my business here in Greenville, I will admit, the sheer volume of photographers was intimidating. How on earth was I ever going to make a name for myself? After plugging into a few local photographer and entrepreneur groups here in Greenville, I discovered the most amazing thing…that with a large photography community came just that- a COMMUNITY! An amazing group of fellow creatives that love to encourage each other! ‘Community over Competition’ is alive and well here in Greenville, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the photography community here!

I bring all of this up, because it was a fellow Greenville photographer who sent me a message on instagram encouraging me to enter one of my photos into an international photo competition called “Shoot and Share”. I had heard of the competition, but never really gave much thought to entering. Until Sabrina gave me the nudge I needed. Photographers can enter up to 50 images each, but since I was close to the deadline at that point, I quickly went back through my 2018 images and pulled 12 of my favorites.

The competition is completely anonymous. Voters login and are shown 4 random photos (no information on the photographer is given) within a given category. You choose your favorite from the 4 shown, and 4 new photos from a different category are shown. There are 12 rounds of voting and only the photos with the most votes move on to the next round. Voting is really fun, and kind of addicting! The photographers who have entered have no idea how our photos are doing. You occasionally will get an email that says ‘someone loved your photo’. This lets you know that at least one of your photos is still in it! The competition is now finished and I finally got to see my results! Drumroll please…

I had 2 photos place in the top 10%

‘Newborn’ Category:

Kimberly Cabe Photography Newborn photographer

‘'Kids’ Category:

Kimbery Cabe Photography childrens photographer

2 photos finished in the top 20%

‘Pets/Animals’ Category:

Kimberly Cabe Photography newborn photographer

‘Babies/Toddler’ Category:

Kimberly Cabe Photographer Baby Photographer

3 photos placed in the top 30%

‘Kids’ Category

Kimberly Cabe Photography family photographer

‘Family’ Category

Kimberly Cabe Photography family photographer

‘Pets/Animals’ Category:

Kimberly Cabe Photography newborn photographer

For my first year of entering, I am proud of my results! But even more than some competition, I am constantly grateful for the level of talent of the photographers in the area who inspire me daily, and make me want to push myself as an artist. And I am so thankful to Sabrina and every other local photographer who has cheered me on. I hope you know that I am cheering just as loud for you!