A is for Addison

I follow a lot (I mean A LOT) of photographers on facebook.  And I follow a lot of blogs aimed at photographers (usually, specifically, newborn photographers).  One of my favorites is TML Focus.  And when this post came across my newsfeed, I fell in love!  An ABC themed maternity session?  Um, yes please! I had an upcoming maternity session, and immediately emailed the link to see if the family was up for the challenge.  The M family agreed and it was so much fun brainstorming ideas for each letter.  The more we planned, the more in love with the idea I became.  We decided we would turn the photos from this session (and add pictures from the future newborn session) to make an ABC book the family could read together.  I loved how personal each letter was becoming.  For example, I was stumped for the letter 'X'. No problem. The mom is an x-ray technician and said she would bring some x-rays. Perfect! U? Oh, they have an umbrella from a trip the two of them took to Paris they wanted to use. Great! L? The family business is Little Debbie. I mean, come on! The afternoon of the session, the weather was perfect. Everyone was on time, and we got to work. This is when I realized I probably hadn't really thought everything through. The first challenge was the fact that this session involved the soon-to-be big brother. This kid was amazing, but doing a picture for all 26 letters, is a lot to ask of a 6 year old! Challenge #2 was lighting. By the end we were running out of light, and still had more letters! And did I mention 26 letters? That is 26 set-ups! I think I must still have some pregnancy brain myself to think this was a realistic idea. I think the biggest problem is that when I do a session, I try a lot of things. Some work. Some don't. Normally, this isn't a problem, because there are enough choices, that if I end up not using some pictures because I didn't like how they turned out, no problem. For this session, it mattered! I couldn't just not use the letter 'O' pictures. What kind of ABC book would that be?! Luckily, I was happy with 90% of the set-ups, and knew I would be able to re-do some when we had our newborn session together. (and ps- I could be wrong, but I am really convinced that the maternity session from the link above must have done their pictures in at least two different nights).

I am not going to post all 26, but here are some of my favorites. I really, really want to show you 'S is for Smile', but I don't know how the mom feels about having her belly posted on the internet. She requested we do something similar to the original post, so take a look and you will get an idea (except in ours, both the dad and son had a smiley-face balloon).

A is for Addison.

B is for Brother.

D is for Dad.

H is for Hugs.

J is for Jumping.

M is for Mom.

O is for Onesies.

U is for Umbrella.

X is for X-Ray.

Z is for zzz.....