Aidan- (almost) 5 Months Old

I can't believe how long it has been since I have blogged last!  Moving to a new country/state/town, buying and moving into a new house, and doing a lot of renovations/house projects has had a big (negative) impact on my blogging! I realized I never finished blogging the sessions I did when we went back to France waaayyyy back in December!  Yikes!  I know I don't have to blog about each and every session, but these are "my" babies, and I want to show them off!

Get ready for a blogging marathon!

First up- Aidan.

Aidan's mom and dad are from The Netherlands.  They are both Michelin employees, and were some of the first friends we made when we moved to France.  Matthew and I had the privilege of attending their wedding in August 2010, and they even had enough faith in me to ask me to be their photographer (did I mention, wedding photography stresses me out to the max!).  If you are interested, you can see some of their wedding pictures here.

We were in the US when little Aidan was born, and I was so sad that I wasn't in France to do newborn pictures, but the almost-five-months age is pretty darn cute!

Matthew and I really had hoped that Mark and Silke would get a US assignment from Michelin, but their next adventure is even bigger.  They are moving to South Africa this summer.  Wow!  I can only imagine the experiences and adventures that are in store for this wonderful family.

Ok, enough chatting, on to pictures!

The many faces of Aidan.  Love this age!