Barbara's Maternity Session (36 Weeks)

Barbara is another Michelin expat living in France.  Both Barbara and her husband work for Michelin, so I didn't get to see Barbara as much as the other wives.  I really regret not making more of an effort to get to know Barbara better, because she is super sweet.  She and I also share a lot of interests, like blogging and cooking.  You can check out Barbara's family's adventures out on her blog- Footprints in the Sand. I took pictures of Barbara's oldest son when he was 7 months old.  Nathan stole my heart with his curly brown hair and big brown eyes.  Completely. Smitten.

I was really glad that the timing worked out so that I could take maternity photos of Barbara during her second pregnancy.  And, secretly, I was hoping that little Noah would time his entrance to the world while I was still in France, so I could also do newborn photos.  Noah decided to make his grand entrance on the same day we flew back to the US.

Photographing a toddler is challenging.  This is probably the reason that for my photography business I say I photograph newborns thru one year olds.  Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE photographing toddlers.  They are adorable and hilarious and full of energy.  But, you can't exactly guarantee a session is going to go well.  So, when you have paying clients, I just don't feel like I can guarantee them enough shots- not including the back of the head as the toddler runs screaming from the camera...  My camera is fast, but toddlers are faster.  During this session, Nathan wanted nothing to do with me or my camera.  We were at the park.  He wanted to run and play and, well, be a toddler.  No worries, we improvised.  And honestly, no posed picture can compare with this:

Look at that sweet face!

But, back to the real reason for this session.  Barbara and her beautiful belly.