Family Session Tips- Part 2: Let Them Be Little

Part 2:  Let Them Be Little

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I understand the stress that is involved with a photo session.  You have paid money to have your pictures taken, you have shopped for new, coordinating (but not matching- see last post) outfits, and you have ONE shot to get updated family pictures, a few great shots for the Christmas card, and frame worth pictures of the kids to give grandparents as gifts.  All while making sure everyone is smiling, clothes aren't getting dirty, AND attempting to maintain your sanity!  Phew!  That is a lot of pressure to put on yourself and on little ones!  

Today’s post will hopefully take a little bit of that stress OFF of you!

One thing that I strive to capture at every session I photograph is the interaction between family members.  Of course, I also aim to get at least one, perfect, everyone-looking-and-smiling photograph as well (and if I can’t, then I will turn to the magic of photoshop and head-swapping in hopes to create one for you!).  But, some of my favorite images from sessions are usually the more candid (ie kid-led) moments. 

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The most important thing to remember is that your child does not need to be looking and smiling throughout the entire session to get beautiful images!  In fact, there are times I will ask them to look AWAY from the camera.  Don’t worry if your child isn’t looking and smiling at the camera the entire time.  I want to capture your family interacting with one another, not just smiling at the camera. 

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Some of my favorite images from family sessions end up being ones where a child is smiling at their mom with a look of complete adoration on their face.  Or sometimes, there is no smile at all!  Capturing real moments like a dad comforting his daughter…siblings laughing together… girls twirling…little ones snuggling a ‘lovey’…those are the images that give me alllll the feels.

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I hope that if you have chosen me to be your photographer, then you have seen these types of images on my website and social media pages, and THAT is exactly why you chose me!  When you come to a session with me, I want you to relax, have fun with your family, and let ME do the work!      

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As I was pulling images for this post, I think my favorite thing about each one, is that I probably couldn't replicate them if I tried.  They are candid moments that are unique to that particular family.  Kids have the spontaneous thing DOWN, and I love to see where that takes me during a session.  I am so excited for all of the families I am going to be photographing this fall, and can't wait to see what kid-led moments I will get to capture!