Happy Birthday Jacob!

November 24, 2011

Dear Jacob,


Today you are one year old.

One. YEAR. Old.

Officially a toddler.


I am really not quite sure how to write this letter. How do I sum up a year in a letter that lets you know how I feel, but short enough that you won't fall asleep before you get to the end?! That is a tall order.


I am so blessed to have been chosen to be your mom. And, I know I am biased, but I think you are pretty amazing. You are smart. And curious. Adventurous and sweet. Funny and oh, so clever. You are strong and friendly. You are beautiful.


Everyday is an adventure with you. You keep me on my toes. You make me laugh out loud. You have literally made my heart skip a beat (both because sometimes it almost overwhelms me how much I love you, and sometimes because you have climbed onto something and I can picture in my head the number of stitches the fall would cause...) And sometimes, it's true, you make me want to pull my hair out. You challenge me to be a better, more selfless, more considerate, more loving, more thoughtful, more patient, and more energetic human being. And for that, I thank you. I do honestly think that being a mom, being your mom, has made me a better person.


You deprive me of sleep (and the occasional meal and/or shower). You have completely obliterated the phrases 'free time' and 'sleeping in' and 'lazy Sundays' from my vocabulary. You demand a lot of attention. All. Day. Long. Your needs fill my brain to the point that I often feel like I don't have room in there for anything else. And you know what? You are worth every bit of that, and more. Much, much more.


What a year it has been. It has been pretty awesome seeing what you have learned in your first 356 days of life. I look back at the pictures from when you were born, and you look like such a different baby. Then, I look at pictures from when you were about 4 or 5 months, and I think “I really didn't even know that baby”. That might sound really strange, but every day I feel like I am getting to know you more and more. Especially now that you can communicate your needs and wants more clearly. Now that you can laugh and protest (loudly) and play and goof off.


You can now eat pretty much anything. You can walk, kind of. You can play 'peek-a-boo'. You can give kisses (when you feel like it). You can sign 'more'. You can clap (which looks a lot like signing 'more'). You can wave bye-bye. You can say 'woof woof'. You can play with your toys, and make engine noises while you push cars and tractors around on the floor. You can dance. Oh, how you dance.


I know you won't remember this first year. That is one of the reasons I have tried my best to consistently write these letters, for both of us. I hope one day you will cherish reading them as much as I have loved writing them.


Happy birthday my sweet boy.