If At First You Don't Succeed...

...try, try again! I have been dying to try a shot like this:

Carrie Sandoval, San Diego Photographer

...for ages.  The above photo was taken by the uber-talented Carrie Sandoval.  Carrie is a newborn photographer out of San Diego, CA.  Her work is absolutely amazing.

Even before Jacob was born, I have wanted to try this.  Unfortunately, in France, I had limited resources to make something like this work.  Once back in the US, Matthew's dad joined my mission.  I swear, every tree that came down in Rabun County, GA was inspected by him for the THE perfect limb.  After spending 10 days with Matthew's parents, a structure was built, and not one,but TWO awesome limbs were found.  Matthew and his dad spent an entire Saturday building an amazing stand to make sure that the babies would be 150% safe.  We tested and tested the stands, the limb, the material, the knot-tying.  We even had my huge newborn posing beanbag an inch below the sling for even more protection.  Safety First!  Now, I just needed a baby...

I had just taken newborn pictures for my friend Kris, and she agreed to meet me at the studio for round 2.  The first time, Hutson was 4 days old, this time he was 16 days.  The best time for newborn pictures is within the first 10 days (first two weeks, max).  I wasn't too worried because Hutson falls asleep pretty easily.

When Kris got to the studio, I made sure she was completely comfortable with the set-up before we started.  As a Clemson cheerleader, she said she was used to putting her trust in others to not let her fall, so she was doing the same with me and her precious little bundle. Now, that is friendship!

Within seconds, Hutson was asleep against Kris, we got him into the material, and I held him against me and he was snoozing like a champ.  Only problem, every time I went to lower him so that the material was supporting him, he would wake up and get MAD at me!  Finally, I got him asleep, and all of his weight supported by the sling.  Unfortunately, his little head was too far back into the material, so that his face was hidden.  All of the research I had done online showed the babies hand against their face (between their face and the edge of the material).  I tried this several times, but it didn't seem comfortable to Hutson, and several times he threatened to wake up again.  I didn't want to force something, so this is as close as we got.

He was quite content to hang out in the sling, just didn't want to show us his face.

Oh well!  I don't consider this a failure.  Just a learning session.

Now I just need more babies to play with... any takers???