Repost of Iris and Jack {Epic Love Story Session}

It was 1942.  He was 14 years old and from Georgia.  She was 11, from Virginia, and had recently sworn off men.  They were both on a train headed for summer camps in New Hampshire.  He was headed to Camp Pasquaney, an all boys’ camp.  She was headed to Camp Onaway, an all girls’ camp located on the same lake.  He gave her a butterscotch candy, and she said there was instant chemistry. 

For the next several years, they saw each other on the way to camp, or on their way back home, and the occasional visits in between.  At some point they both became camp buglers.  And at night, when it was time to blow taps, they would face the other one’s camp across the lake.  It was their little love song to each other.    

Iris and Jack, 1950

Iris and Jack, 1950

This is the love story of Iris and Jack. 

Or, as I typically call them- Nanna and Pappy. 








They were engaged, but it was during the Korean War and Pappy was sent to Germany with the United States Army.  When he got home they were married.  It was 1953.


Their story is one that I grew up hearing (and adoring). 






Today, they celebrate 64 years of marriage.

Last fall, I was completely inspired by a session Shalyn Nelson did for her grandparent’s 63rd wedding anniversary.  As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted…no, I NEEDED to do a session with Nanna and Pappy.

Nanna was a model when she was younger, and it didn’t take much convincing to get her on board (although after my cousin McKenzie and I raided her closet, the hanging garment bags in the attic, and several stores in Atlanta, I could tell she wasn’t exactly crazy about our wardrobe choice for her…but she went with it nonetheless, bless her heart).  Pappy graciously agreed to participate, and was a great sport about it all (especially the part when 4 women were trying to tie his bow-tie.  Thank goodness for YouTube video tutorials). 

I am so thankful for these images.  I adore my grandparents and when I look at these pictures, I can see so much of their personalities. I can hear Nanna’s laugh (which is AMAZING, by the way, for anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of hearing it).  I can hear Pappy’s jokes and see his mannerisms.  But, most importantly, I can see their love. 

I asked them to write a few words that described their relationship.  They wrote:

Loving Duet
Family Focused


My grandmother adores my grandfather. 

My grandfather cherishes my grandmother.


We should all be so lucky.  Happy Anniversary Nanna and Pappy!

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