Last Session of the Year!

This was officially my last session of the year!  Hard to believe.  And, I couldn't have picked a better family to fill this spot. 

I met Rachel, hmm, 6 years ago? (wow, time flies)  She and I taught at the same school. I am so glad we remained close throughout my time in France.


I was really sad to miss the birth of little Parker back in May.  He originally was due in June, and I had hoped the timing would work out that if he came a little late, he would still be young enough to do a newborn session when I landed in July.  But, no.  Parker couldn’t wait a second longer, and made his appearance in May. 


This made me especially happy when Rachel contacted me about doing some 6 month/family/Christmas card pictures.


The weather was not cooperating with us when we started, and I was afraid that all of our session would have to be done in the studio. 

Luckily, just as we were about to finish, the rain seemed to be holding off, and we tromped out into a soggy field.  I think Rachel’s super-cute- probably-ruined-suede-boots were worth it, because I love the outdoor shots.

What a great family, and what a cutie!  Full of smiles for me, and held out like a champ for the entire session.