Letters to Elizabeth: 6 mths old

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September 10, 2013

Dear Elizabeth,

You are six months old. How can that be?! Didn't I just bring you home from the hospital last week??

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What a sweet baby you are. Not an easy baby, mind you. But, a sweet baby. You have quite an opinion about things, like being put down. Or anyone (including your daddy) taking you away from me. But, your smile lights up my world. And your little laughs...oh my! One of my very favorite things to do is get you up in the morning. As soon as you see me, your whole face smiles. Your arms start flapping and your legs start kicking. You start pumping so hard, it is as if you can hardly contain your excitement to see me. What a way to start my day!

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Since the last letter I wrote to you at two months old, you have changed so much. You are sleeping through the night (yay! Woohoo! Thank you!). This has only been happening for about 3 weeks now. I nurse you to sleep around 7:30, and you sleep til about 7am the next morning. Ahhhhh... Your naps are much better now too (for the most part). You (usually) sleep for about an hour in the morning, and your afternoon naps range from 1.5-3 hours. But, it has been a lonnnng road getting here. You were the queen of the 30-45 minute nap. You were also waking up every 2-3 hours all. night. long. It got to the point that you were so exhausted, but nothing I tried would get you to sleep. I was so desperate that I would have gladly rocked you to sleep and held you for an entire nap, if that meant you would get some much needed sleep. But, you fought it so hard, even with me holding/rocking/bouncing/swaying with you. You wouldn't sleep in a swing. You wouldn't even sleep in your car seat when we were driving. Your dad and I finally decided to let you cry it out. Did I mention you have a very stubborn streak? Man. It was heart breaking. But, I knew that we were doing what was best for you, because you finally started getting the sleep that you needed so badly. Now, you go down for naps without a fuss, pop your thumb in, and it is off to dream land. And you wake up so happy. I love to hear you cooing in your crib after a nap or first thing in the morning.

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You have also started trying a few foods. So far you have had infant rice cereal and infant oatmeal, avocado, and sweet potato. It is kind of anti-climatic to feed you new foods. I wait for funny facial expressions, but you take it as if you have been eating it your whole life. I think you are going to be a good eater like your brother.

Speaking of your brother, I love, love, love to see you two together. Your daddy jokes that in your world I rank #1, Jacob #2, and then him. And, I think it might be true. You love your brother so much, and he loves you! He loves for me to put you in his crib, and he will cuddle with you or read to you. He even shares his Lovey with you (that is HUGE). My heart just about bursts when he says, “Elizabeth, I love you!”. One time he looked at you, grabbed your hands, looked you in the eyes, and said, “Elizabeth, I like you JUST the way you are!”. He loves to give you hugs and kisses. But, child, you are already learning to be tough. Because Jacob's “gentle” is the standard two-year-old-boy's idea of gentle. I think you will be able to hold your own. And, oh, how he can make you laugh. He can get you to giggle like no one else. It is another one of my very favorite things.

Happy half birthday to my sweet, cuddly, giggling, often clingy, precious baby girl. You have brought so much joy to our lives in the past six months. What a blessing you are!



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