Letters to Elizabeth: Happy 1st Birthday!

April 13, 2014

Dear Elizabeth,

You are one year old (...and one month...and 3 days...). Second child syndrome has struck again! I have started this birthday letter to you so many times (in my head), but can never seem to find the time to actually sit down and write it! But, as many times as I have thought about this letter, I still don't know where to start. You are so full of personality, I don't even know how to write in words to explain “you”.

 20140228 E1stbday 014-kc

Let's start with your too-cute-for-words smile. It lights up my world. Your little nose wrinkles up and your mouth opens wide. You literally smile with your whole face. And, sometimes, your joy is too much for your face to contain. When this happens, your legs start pumping and your arms start flapping. Adorable. Heart Melting. Your smile is infectious, and I love starting my day with your smiles every morning when I go get you from your crib. What a way to be greeted every morning!

 20140228b E1stbday 037-kc

Then there is your laugh. You have sweet giggles, and then there is your deep down belly laugh. Your daddy lives for these. He would do anything to hear your laugh. It is pretty phenomenal. And, while your daddy works for them, you give them freely to your brother. He cracks you up on a daily basis.

 20140228 E1stbday 215-kc-2

20140228 E1stbday 209-kc-2

So, let's review: adorable smile- check. Phenomenal laugh- check. Hmmm, what am I forgetting? Oh, yes. You have quite the little opinion about things. Like being put down. You will scream like someone is pinching you. You have even started to pitch little tantrums and will throw yourself to the ground. (I am already dreading your toddler tantrums!). To anyone watching, you appear to be spoiled rotten, and act as though I carry you around all the time. For the record, I don't. I keep waiting for you to figure out that there are times that I simply can't hold you. You haven't figured it out yet. You just sit, or stand holding onto my leg, and wail the entire time I am washing dishes, making dinner, etc, etc, etc. It makes things that much more complicated. You are such a Mama's girl. It is simple unacceptable (to you) for me to hand you to anyone. Oh, the crocodile tears that come!!! It's flattering. Really, it is. But, it is exhausting!!

 20140228 E1stbday 033-kc

On the physical front, you weighed 21 lbs at your one year check up and are 28 inches tall. You are one short little cutie patootie. You are holding strong at 2 teeth, both on the bottom. You finally mastered crawling (after doing the army crawl for months). You did stand on your own for the very first time on the day of your birthday party, which was the day before your birthday. You don't seem very interested in learning to walk, although you can cruise around the house like a champ. You did take your first tentative step TODAY! You think this whole walking thing is a funny, funny game though, and usually just fall down dramatically and start that world famous belly laugh. Okay, not world famous, but it should be.

 20140228 E1stbday 039-kc-2

20140228 E1stbday 144-kc

20140228b E1stbday 090-kc

There is so much about you that I love. You are one special little girl. I love seeing your personality develop more and more every day. I can start to see your sense of humor emerge, and that is so fun. For example, you are quite stingy with your kisses. You know what the word means, and when we ask for a kiss, you will turn your head and laugh. Little stinker! You also love to try to pick up everything in your crib before letting me pick you up. When you keep dropping one thing or another you will fall back laughing. You also LOVE playing peek-a-boo. Gets you smiling every time!

 20140228 E1stbday 019-kc

20140228 E1stbday 282-kc-2

A few more fun facts:

Words you say:


-Jay-jay (Jacob)

-Ma ma (although this is verrry recent. You held out for a long time. In fact, when I would try to get you to say it, you would just smile, as if you were holding out on purpose!)

-You can also sign “milk”, “more”, and what I can only describe as “gimme! Gimme! Gimme!”

20140228 E1stbday 162-kc

Foods you love:

Pretty much everything. Especially bananas, yogurt (but you only LOVE it when I put it in a squeeze pouch), puffs, and graham crackers.

20140228b E1stbday 004-kc

Favorite toys:

-You have really become attached to your Lovey. Good thing Maudy bought two more back-ups for you for Christmas.

-Sock Monkey (which really is Jacob's, but he never really played with it, and you love it).

-Glowing Seahorse (this was a birthday gift, but has quickly become a favorite).

-Shape sorter

-Your little stuffed chair and the green rocking chair. You love climbing in and out, up and down, over and over and over.

-And, anything that Jacob is currently playing with.

 20140228 E1stbday 179-kc

I feel like I am just scratching the surface of your BIG personality. What a blessed year this has been. I can't imagine our little family without you. What a ray of sunshine you are to us. We love you baby girl!

20140228b E1stbday 104-kc