Letters to Elizabeth: Happy 2nd Birthday!

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March 27, 2015

Dear Elizabeth,

You are two years old! How can that be? Two years and oh-so full of life. What a personality you have. I went back and re-read the letters I wrote to you at 2 months, 6 months, and one year. It was clear even then that you would have a big personality, and strong opinions on things. Still so true! And, it is still true that you are definitely a mama's girl through and through.

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Lots have changed since my last letter to you (a year ago?! Shame on me!). You have started going to the same Childrens' Day Out program that Jacob has been going to since he was 18 months old. I was really worried about leaving you. You pitch fits when I put you down, how on earth was I going to be able to leave you for a whole day, twice a week?! But you have done wonderfully! The teachers love you and tell me how smart you are. You usually head straight for the baby dolls or the play kitchen. You don't nap very well at school, but the teachers tell me that at least you lay quietly on your mat holding your Lovey and sucking your thumb.

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One of the most fun things lately is to hear your vocabulary absolutely explode! You can repeat almost anything we say (or at least you try). Even Jacob gets really excited to hear you say new words. And now you are putting words into phrases and sentences. I love it! One of your favorite phrases is “Mommy do it”. This is said every time any other person offers to help you do something. Nope. Mommy do it. My personal favorite phrase of yours is “Miss you too”. We think that you think miss you= love you. We will say “love you” and you respond “miss you too”. It melts my heart when I pick you up from the crib in the morning, you snuggle into my neck , and in a still sleepy voice whisper, “miss you too”. Heart=mush. I “miss you too” sweet girl! More than words can express.

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You love to look at photographs and identify the people in them. I especially love when you see yourself and excitedly say, “Lizzie!”. You love to do puzzles, and are really good at them. Books are another favorite of yours. If you are crying uncontrollably because (horrors) I am busy cooking dinner and can't hold you, without fail, Daddy can read you a pile of books and you are in Heaven. You love slides at the park and hiding under blankets to surprise Daddy when he gets home. You love running and giggling. Laughing is your favorite. And your laugh is one of my favorites. It ranks right up there with Jacob's.  And goodness, you love to be silly.  What a sense of humor you already have.  You crack yourself up daily.  "see-y Goose" (silly goose) is another favorite phrase of yours.  

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It fascinates me to see how different you are from your brother. He has always been super tough, you are a lot more sensitive to every little “boo-boo” that comes your way. He is rough and tumble, you prefer playing more quietly. I mentioned earlier your love of dolls. Another difference between you and your brother that fascinates me is your predisposition to all things “girly” . Until you were one, you only had “boy” toys, but even before you had a doll, you would play with teddy bears as if they were baby dolls. You love to feed, rock, put to bed, pat, etc, etc, etc. You are so nurturing and loving to your babies. It is so sweet to watch. You LOVE to dress and undress and dress and undress your babies (or I should say you love for ME to do that for you since you haven't mastered putting the clothes back over their legs and arms). You are such a girl, and I love it! You love purses and jewelry. Again, even before you had play jewelry you would pick up baby toys that were rings and try to put them on your wrists. You are definitely a little mimic, and will stand and watch me get ready in the morning and mimic everything I am doing. As cute as it is, it definitely reminds me that you are watching me, and I must work hard to remind you that makeup and curling irons are not the things that make you beautiful.

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You are still Jacob's biggest fan, and I love to see you two play together. It has gotten a little more challenging as you begin to want to play with some of the same toys. At the same time. But not together... Sibling battles have definitely begun. Luckily, 90% of the time you two get along beautifully. Jacob has been an amazing big brother since the day we brought you home. He loves you so much.

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I feel like I could go on and on about all the special little things that make you, well... you! Sometimes your dad and I can't help but look at each other and smile at some utterly precious thing you are doing or saying. You are pretty stinkin' adorable.

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Love you/Miss you too my sweet Elizabeth!



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