Letters to Elizabeth: Happy 3rd Birthday!

20160308 E3yrsOld 167 fbMarch 9, 2016

Dear Elizabeth,

You have always been my snuggler.  You beg me to rock you each night (not that you need to beg, by the way.  It is one of my most cherished parts of the day).  Tonight I rocked you for the last time as a two year old.

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Tomorrow you will be 3 years old.  Time sure does fly.

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I think back over the last 3 years and can’t imagine our little family without you.  You bring so much personality to the dynamic.  You are one of the sweetest little humans I know.  You have a huge heart and are extremely affectionate.  You are painfully shy with people you don’t know, but for the lucky ones that you feel comfortable with, you are quick to show your affections.  More than one heart has been melted as you run with outstretched arms, squealing and giggling with delight at the sight of someone you love.  Your smile and precious giggle are infectious.

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Although you have had a few “terrible two” moments, overall you are not a tantrum thrower.  You, my little love, are a crier.  You will cry over the smallest things, and when I say ‘cry’, I mean sobbing, wailing, crocodile-tear inducing, choking, crying.  You have done this since you were really little.  I remember cooking dinner with you wailing at my feet.  I kept thinking that eventually you would realize that those crocodile tears didn’t really get you anywhere.  Three years later….and I am still waiting for you to catch on.  I, on the other hand, have caught on to your need for physical touch.  As I tried to get things done around the house, more often than not, I would be followed by a tiny toddler wailing “hold me Mama! Hold me!!  Hold meeeeeee!!!”.  I learned quickly that no matter how busy I was, that ignoring the crying would not help.  What you needed was for me to stop, pick you up and snuggle you for a minimum of 5-10 minutes.  I would feel your little body relax, you would take a few big, deep breaths, and I would know you were ready to go off and play.  As you have become more vocal, you will now tell me, “I need you to snuggle me Mommy”.  How can I say “no” to that?

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Two has been a fun year.  I love your little expressions and toddler pronunciations.  Your dad has tried to correct a few, and I tell him he better not!  Right now one of my favorites is the way you use ‘to’ instead of ‘for’.  For example, you are wonderful at saying thank you, and after letting you choose the yogurt at the grocery store, you will exclaim, “Mommy, thank you to get me this yogurt!”.  I also adore the way you say ‘stunk’ instead of skunk.  You are quick to point out road kill with a “shew, I smell a stunk Mommy!”.  I have got to get better at writing down your little sayings.  There are so many, and I can’t think of any right now!

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Hide and Go Seek is a favorite of yours.  Even though you are absolutely terrible at it!  You love playing ‘ring around the rosey’.  You love coloring and reading and bubbles.  And ever since I introduced you to scissors, you can make paper fringe with the best of them.  Slides and swings are your favorite things at the park, but you are definitely my timid child, and many a slide has been abandoned because the climb to get to the top is just too steep.  You still love baby dolls (and real babies too).  Watching you with your baby cousins this past year has been so sweet.  You would watch Doc McStuffins all day, if I would let you.  You love tea parties and playing with your kitchen.  You also always ask what you can do to help me get ready for lunch or dinner.  You actually are a really good little helper in the kitchen!  You love wrestling with Daddy and Papaw, but are not quite as tough as your brother.  Many a wrestling match ends with you in tears because you think the boys are being too rough.  That just means more snuggles for me.  And you are still in that age where you ask for me to kiss a boo-boo better, and actually believe that my kisses are magic.

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You have absolutely no interest in potty training.  So far your standard response when asked if you want to go on the potty, you say "when I am this many" (holding up 3 sweet little fingers).  Tomorrow you will be "that" many, so we will see how that goes...  We have also told you that you get to move to a big girl bed when you turn 3.  You LOVE your crib, and after one 'big girl bed' conversation you tearfully told me that you didn't want to be a big girl because "I wuv my crib".  The big girl bed is coming on Saturday.  We shall see how that one goes as well!

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You amaze me on a daily basis with your sense of humor, your vocabulary, your intelligence, your sweetness…I could go on and on.  I look at you and sometimes I feel like my heart might burst with love.  I am in constant amazement that God chose me to be your mom.  You are so special.  I pray you always know how much you are loved.

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Happy birthday sweet Lizzie!



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