Letters to Jacob- Becoming a Big Brother

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March 8, 2013

Dear Jacob,

You are going to be a big brother, ANY day now! You seem to understand what is happening. You talk about the “baby in Mommy's tummy”. And we have spent a lot of time showing you your baby pictures and talking about before, when you were a baby, and now that you are a big boy. And what baby Elizabeth will be like, do, eat, etc. But, I know, no matter how many 'Bringing Home Baby' books we read with you, you have no idea how your little world is about to be rocked.

You are a toddler. And you love routine. You love predictability. Matthew tells me that I am raising a little OCD kid, but joking aside, you definitely like things done a certain way. I know there is comfort and security in knowing what your day holds, where to find your toys, bedtime routines, even the options that you get to choose from for breakfast. I worry how you will react in the next few weeks when there will be so much change! Luckily, we have an army of family coming in to shower you with love and attention. And, to help out with Elizabeth, so I get my Jacob time too.

Since this might be the last time I have to write a letter for awhile, I wanted to document some of my favorite things about you at this age.

-You are so much fun to talk to right now! We have full conversations, and you say the cutest things! And, you definitely are a little parrot. You keep your dad and me smiling (and occasionally grimacing) at the phrases you repeat- verbatim. One of my favorite sayings is when we are getting ready to go somewhere, and you say, “let's go, Daddy-o!”. Super cute, and sentimental for Daddy, since your great-great grandfather on Mimi's side was called Daddy-o.

-You have a full imagination, and love to play pretend. Assigning characters or animals to us. Playing with you is so much fun!

-You are asserting your independence more and more each day. Sometimes this is a good thing. You insist on climbing up and down from your high chair all. by. yourself. This actually has helped me out quite a bit. Unfortunately, you also want to try to climb into your car seat by yourself, which would also be great. Except usually, you keep climbing... right into the seat on the other side. I can barely reach you, and a screaming/kicking match usually ensues as I try to drag you back into your car seat, and then attempt to wrestle you into the harness. You are a pretty strong kid, and this is no easy feat. Remember though, I always win. Always.

-One of your very favorite things to do is snuggle in our bed and watch tv. Our Friday routine lately has been to take a bath right after dinner, and then family movie night in “Mommy's bed” (it is always “Mommy's” bed, but “Daddy's” tv). After a quick streaking session after bath, with you running down the hall yelling “NAKED BABY!”, you are all clean and sweet smelling in your pajamas and ready for our movie night. And one of my all-time favorite phrases comes during these family nights. After you climb up into the bed, and ask “Daddy, you coming too? In Mommy's bed?”, and then you look at us both and ask “You going to snuggle me?” Um. Yes, please. I love to “snuggle you”.

-You love to sing. One of your favorite songs is the 'Happy Family' song from Barney (which you have only seen 3 or 4 times, but the song stuck with you). It melts my hear to hear you sing those words. And, what is even sweeter is the moments when the three of us are playing together, walking together, eating at a restaurant together, and you will look at us and say “We are a happy family.” Yes, yes we are.

-You love to count and say your ABCs (you are getting more and more letters every day). You love to dance and do forward somersaults. And you love, love, love to play with your Daddy. You two have the best time together, and it makes my heart happy to watch you two.

Within the next week, our family is going to go through a BIG change in the form of one tiny little baby. I know it will be hard at times. I know you are going to be confused at times. Sad at times. Mad at times. Jealous at times. I know you will have all of these feelings, and it makes me sad. I sometimes wish you were older so I could really talk things out with you. Tell you that you are my firstborn, and that you completely changed the way my heart knew how to love another human.

No matter how bumpy the next few weeks/months are, our little family will make it through. I can't wait to see you as a big brother. I look forward to our new family movie nights when I get to snuggle you AND Elizabeth. One Happy Family.



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