Letters to Jacob- Happy 2nd Birthday!!

November 24, 2012

Dear Jacob,


Today is your birthday. You are two years old today!


In some ways, two years seems like such a short time. I feel like you have been in my life forever. Or at least, I can’t imagine a life without you. But then again, 2 years?! Weren’t you just my little tiny newborn baby, like, yesterday??


I just went back and re-read the letter that I wrote to you on your first birthday. So much has changed since then, but in that letter, already your personality was emerging. And you are still the sweet, curious, smart, adorable, and loving boy that you were a year ago. And, now, you are so much more! Oh, how you have grown this last year!


You are certainly turning into a little man. You are speaking in almost full sentences, and it is so much fun to have conversations with you. And, boy- how you love to talk! You are a little chatter box. Especially in the morning. Usually you are chatting or singing (or reading books you have pulled through the slats of your crib) to your stuffed animals in the crib when I get you up in the morning. And, we have to tuck Lovey and your giraffe back under the blanket before you get out of the crib. What a thoughtful and loving boy you are- even to your stuffed animals!


I know I am biased, but I think you are such a smart little cookie. You pick up on things so quickly. You love to count everything (although the #5 gets left out quite often). You love your colors and shapes. ‘Geen’ and ‘tricycles’ (triangles) are your favorites. You have even started singing your ABC’s. You have the tune down pat, the letters get a little mumbled/jumbled together, but that makes it even cuter.


I love when you come find me, and ask “what doing, Mama?” You are so inquisitive. And no matter what I am doing, you always want to “help” or proclaim “Jacob turn”. And I love when I ask you a question, and you tap your chin (deep in thought) and say, “hmmm….”.


I love your imagination, and at the most random moments will announce, “Jacob a dinoasuar! roooaaarrr!” (or start hopping- “Jacob a frog, ribbit!”. This game can take many animal forms, but roaring like a dinosaur is definitely your favorite). You love forts and tents, and anything else you can be under…blankets, tables… This makes ‘Hide Seek’ your current favorite game. Anytime I ask you where something is, the standard answer is “hide, seek”. “Jacob where are your shoes/milk/toy/etc?”

Hide, seek, Mama.”


You are a huge fan of anything that you can ‘vrooommm’ with- cars, trucks, trains, tractors, motorcycles… If it has wheels, you are all in.


Big news, you have started going pee-pee on the potty! Although, our method is a little abnormal, I am letting you take the lead on this whole potty training thing. Basically, you will go on command, but have yet to tell me when you need to do. But you are oh-so proud after you go, and wave and say, “bye-bye pee pee, see you later!”. So cute!


You make life so much fun, and nothing brings me more joy than when you seek me out to give me a hug or kiss. Or when you tell me “love you too” as I walk out of your bedroom after putting you to bed. My goodness, do you know how much I love you? My little…big… two-year old?! I am so proud to call myself your mom. You are such a blessing in my life.


I love you, my sweet two-year old!!!