Letters to Jacob- Happy 3rd Birthday!

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November 24, 2013

Dear Jacob,


Today you are 3 years old.  Three.  Three??  You are definitely moving out of the toddler years, and into the preschool years.  There are very few traces of anything resembling a baby left.  Sometimes I get glimpses of my little baby boy.  Like when you are tired and get your Lovey, which means that your thumb automatically goes in your mouth.  Or when you get hurt and come running for cuddles and Mommy to kiss it better.  Or when you ask me to rock you “for just a little bit” sometimes at night.  Although, those are really the times, as I am trying to fit all of you on my lap,  that I realize just how big you have grown.  But, eventually, we find the perfect spot, you snuggle in tight with your head on my chest, and I am right back to all of those nights spent rocking you as a baby.  Your legs might hang off my lap now, but you and I are still a perfect fit.   

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You are getting to be such a big boy. You constantly amaze me with the things you know, the things you figure out on your own, your imagination, and your vocabulary!  Wow, your vocabulary!  The other day you took a sip of your smoothie and said, “Mom, this is delightful!”.  And your little sayings, like “Mom, I’ve got it all under control.”  Or “Let’s do this!”.  Or, after telling you what we were about to do, you exclaim, “that is a horrible plan!”.  Gee, thanks.  With all of this big boy talk, I must admit, I cherish the way you still mispronounce some words and make little grammatical errors. 

-“Can I have a mutter cracker?” (“another”)

-After spinning around, “Woah, I am so bizzy!” (“dizzy”)

-“Let’s tend to be pirates.” (“pretend”)

-“Tickle me Mommy, like Pop doos.” (“does”)

-And a personal favorite, the way you pronounce Elizabeth:  “u-Liz-u-bith”, or if you are in a hurry, it becomes “Liz-bith”.


I sometimes want to follow you around with a video camera to record everything you say, and all of your little facial expressions, hand gestures, body language.  It is just all so precious, and I never want to forget it.  Any of it!

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One of my favorite things this past year has been seeing you become a big brother.  You have loved Elizabeth from the very first minute you laid eyes on her.  You share your Lovey with her (huge!).  You always want to help me change her diaper, feed her, bathe her.  You love to hold her and play with her.  And, boy does she love you!  She lights up when you walk in the room.  If you start crying, she starts crying.  Your Dad likes to joke that in Elizabeth’s world, I am #1, you are #2, and he and Lulah tie for #3.  I think he might be right.  I am so proud of what a great brother you are to Elizabeth. She is so lucky to have you. 

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My other favorite thing to see this past year is watching you and your dad.  You have always been big buddies, but lately, you have been able to do more with him.  Just last weekend, you spent all Saturday helping him rake leaves in the front yard.  You were such a big help.  You used to just play while he worked, but now you actually help.  It is so fun to see.  And your dad loves it!  Every night our playroom is transformed into some sort of wrestling ring.  You squeal with delight as your dad wrestles you and launches into the air.  I sometimes have to close my eyes, or leave the room.  You are way tougher than I am! 

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Being your mom isn’t always the easiest.  You are strong willed and stubborn and opinionated and sometimes too smart for you own good.  And, did I mention you are strong willed?  I do my very best to guide, mold, and nurture these traits so that one day they will become a positive thing.  However, in the “Terrible Two” days of the past year, these personality traits were anything but positive!  Nope, being your mom isn’t always easy.  But I still wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Being your mom is the best job I have ever had.  Being your mom is simply the best. Period.

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As sad as I am to see the last traces of baby and toddler leave, I am excited for the year to come.   


Happy birthday to my sweet, funny, curious, stubborn, loving, energetic, compassionate, THREE year old!