Letters to Jacob: Happy 4th Birthday!

November 24, 2014

Dear Jacob,

Today you are 4 years old! Oh how time flies!

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It is amazing to look back over the past year and see how much you have grown and changed. You are definitely my big boy now. You are smart and funny and so loving. My heart absolutely melts at some of your random acts of kindness towards other. And, daily, you make me laugh out loud at the things that come out of your mouth. Like at the park the other day, when you saw a group of moms that we didn’t know, and you (loudly) announce that “Mommy, you can go make some new friends”.


One of my favorite things to see over the past year is your imagination grow. You are at the stage where you will lie on the floor for hours playing with your toys (Octonauts are your favorite). I love to hear you “do” the voices and come up with storylines. I love to see and hear your creativity!



You are an amazing big brother. Elizabeth has definitely gotten to the stage where she can start to bug you a little and mess up whatever game you have going, or tower you are building. But, you are learning to have patience and show some grace towards the things she can’t yet control.

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So. It wouldn’t be a letter to you without at least a quick mention of your strong-willed nature. Looking back at your birthday letter from last year, I think I was cautiously optimistic that we would have been past most of the tantrums during your second year of life. Nope. If anything, as a three year old, you learned to express your stubbornness even more effectively. There were many a tear shed over the past year (and I am not sure if it was you or me that shed the most). But, I can sit here today and look back, seeing that we have made progress. You are learning how to control these oh-so big emotions that sometimes seem to possess you and turn you into a child I don’t even recognize. Nope. Three hasn’t been an easy year for us. Your strong-willed nature challenges every fiber of my being. I admit that sometimes I feel like I am not strong enough and perhaps some other mom would “handle” you better. But, I know that isn’t true. I know that God knew exactly what he was doing when he entrusted you to me. I know that I was perfectly created to be YOUR mom. And, oh how thankful I am that God chose me!






Even though you seem so grown up to me, I love the fact that mommy’s kisses can still magically make boo-boos better. I love that you still want to snuggle in my lap, and at night in your bed, ask for “just one more snuggle song”. I love that you still are attached to your Lovey, it is one of the few remaining things that makes you seem like a toddler.

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I love your laugh. It is one of the best laughs on earth (ask your Maudy if you don’t believe me). I love your imagination. I love your goofiness. I love your compassion. I love your heart. I love YOU!

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Happy! Happy! Happy 4th Birthday, Jacob!



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