Letters to Jacob: Happy 5th Birthday!

November 24, 2015

Dear Jacob,

You are five!  “a whole hand!”

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This has been quite a year for our family.  A year of changes, and I am so proud of how you have handled everything!  Moving is stressful for everyone, and, honestly, I was a bit worried at how that stress on you would play out.  As well spoken as you are, your whole life you have had a hard time recognizing why you’re little body is unhappy, and usually a good tantrum ensues.  Sometimes it is something like being tired or hungry, and LOOK OUT! (until we get some food in you, and then you are happy-go-lucky again).  So, something as overwhelming as packing up the only house you have ever known, and saying goodbye to the only church, the only school, the only friends you have ever known…  I was more than a little scared.  But you have been such a trooper!  Even though a good chunk of your 4th year of life has been in “limbo”, as we change from living with Pop and KK, to Maudy’s house, long weekend visits with Mimi and Papaw, down to see Aunt Amy and Uncle Trey…we have bounced you around a lot!


You also started “real” school this year.  How special that your first elementary school was the same school that I went to!  Six Mile Elementary has been such a great introduction to big kid school.  I remember the first morning I dropped you off.  You looked so small walking into the school all by yourself amongst the bigger kids.  But you were so brave!  I was the one in tears as I drove away, and had to call your dad and have him comfort me!  Later that day when we were talking about your day, you told me that you were scared walking in, and in your head you said to yourself, “this would be a lot easier if my mom was with me.”  Oh!  I had to hold back the tears.

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You have done so well in school, and it is always entertaining to hear the stories your teachers have for me when I pick you up.  But, one thing is consistent, they always tell me what a good helper you are and how patient you are with the other students.  That makes this mama’s heart swell with pride.

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Being your mom, there is never a dull moment.  You are SO full of energy.  You literally run circles around me every day.  You have such a creative imagination, and I love to listen to your pretend play.  Lizzie has started to play with you, and the games you two come up with are very entertaining!  Your current favorite toys are Transformer:  Rescue Bots.  You also have entered the world of Legos, and astound me when you can follow the instruction book all by yourself.  You love to play super heros with your friends, and are always ready to “get the bad guys!”.

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We still have our moments of power struggles, but they are mostly few and far between (thank goodness).  You have gotten much better at controlling those oh-so big emotions that rock your world (and mine…and anyone else who gets in the way).  I still have to constantly remind myself what a good thing it is (or at least will be) that you have such a strong will.  And, I pray daily that I can cultivate that strong willed nature as a positive attribute for you.

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It is so strange sometimes because I feel like you are (and have been) so grown up.  But, then I look back at pictures from a year ago, and realize you were just a toddler.  Right now, you seem so big, but I know in a year, I will look back and realize how small you are.  I try to remind myself of that when I don’t quite understand your behavior.  You are still little.  You are still learning and figuring out this whole life thing (so am I!).  But, like I tell you all the time, one of my most important Mom-jobs is to help you.  I am here for whatever you need.  I hope that is something you never question, no matter how busy I might seem.

I can’t wait to see what this next year holds for you and for our family.  We should be moving into our new house within the next two weeks.  A new house means a new school and new friends.  That is a lot, even for a big 5 year old, and can be really scary.  But, you are brave.  You are strong.  And you have such a big heart.

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I love you so much, Jacob.  You amaze me every single day.  What a blessing you are to me!


Happy Birthday!