Letters to Jacob: Welcome to Kindergarten

20160816 1stDay5K 008 fbAugust 16, 2016 Dear Jacob,

Today you started Kindergarten!

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We have been trying to get you pumped up about starting kindergarten for weeks.  I took you to pick out new school shoes.  And you chose some lovely  lime green, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shoes…that light up…

20160816 1stDay5K 028 fb 20160816 1stDay5K 023 fb

We went to ‘meet the teacher’ and saw your classroom.  We went to the store and chose special treats to go in your lunchbox.  We bought a new water bottle and used my Cricut to put your name on it.  We even bought new Ninja Turtle underwear!  Last night we read “First Day Jitters”.  Made a list of all the things you were nervous about and all of the things you were excited about.  Drank ‘jitter juice’ to take away your jitters.  Made special ‘first day of school cinnamon rolls’.

Took first day pictures….

20160816_072147 fb20160816_075959 fb

20160816 1stDay5K 017 fb

We were READY!  Right???


20160816 1stDay5K 037 fb

20160816 1stDay5K 034 fb

But, through all of it, you would whisper, “but, Mom, I’m a little scared…”

20160816 1stDay5K 010 fb

I know Buddy.  I know you are scared.  I know the feeling that’s deep down in your tummy, because I always felt the exact. same. way. at the beginning of every school year.

Ready or not, the first day of school arrived.  We were told that kindergarten parents could walk their student in the first day.  We parked and immediately saw our neighbor, who is one of your best buddies, so you and Brian got to walk in together.  I think that helped a lot!

20160816_073840 fb

I could tell you were nervous walking down the hall.  But you acted so brave.

I remember last year when I dropped you off for the first time at Six Mile Elementary for 4K.  I choked up as I watched you walk all by yourself into the cafeteria, alongside much bigger kids.  You told me later that you were really scared and that you said to yourself, “this would be a lot easier if my mom was here with me”.

Well, today I got to be with you.

We walked into your classroom, found your cubby, hung up your book bag, learned where to put your lunchbox and folder, and got a name tag.  I could tell you were nervous and scared.

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20160816_074335 fb

20160816_074417 fb

Much too quickly, I knew it was time for me to leave.  I knew you weren’t ready for me to go.  I wasn’t ready to go!  But, I gave you one more hug and left.

After helping a little boy that was lost in the hallway, I had the chance to peek in your room as I walked past.  You were quietly playing with play-doh at your table.  No tears.  From either of us!  That is a first day success!

20160816_074434 fb

This afternoon I couldn’t wait to get you from the bus stop and hear all about your day.  The first thing you told me was that you saved a fruit snack in your lunch box to give to Lizzie.  I love your heart, sweet boy.




When we got home, you said, “Mom, I was really scared, but it all turned out great.”

I’m proud of you, Jacob.



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