Mine on Monday (a day late): My Little Fish

We spent last weekend in Charleston for a surprise 30th Birthday celebration for my sister.  Saturday, lots of family and friends gathered at my sister-in-law's house on the Wando River to celebrate Amy.  Sunday was a little calmer, and our immediate family had some time to play with Jacob in the pool.  Normally I would rather be behind the camera, but I am lucky to have my Dad always ready with his camera so that Jacob can look back and actually see what I looked like during his younger days.  Unfortunately, Matthew is in Brazil for work, but the day was well documented.  I think Dad took just over 600 pictures in the hour we were were swimming!

My mom and dad had us swimming very early on.  Dad kept urging me to get Jacob used to going under water.  I was a little hesitant, just because Jacob loves to swim right now, and I didn't want to upset or scare him and change that.  Amy and I both love the water, so our parents must know what they are talking about.  So Jacob got dunked a few times.  He always had a really surprised face when he went under, but did not cry once.  So proud of my little fish.