Oscar- 4 Weeks Old

I first met Oscar's mom when we were both taking the Michelin French classes. Sabina is from Poland, and when I first met her, she had moved to France with her German boyfriend, Philip. Even though I haven't known Sabina for very long, I feel like I have witnessed some of the most important moments in her life. I remember when she came to class the day after Philip proposed. She was absolutely glowing! And seeing the beautiful pictures from her wedding day. Gorgeous. Then, this spring, we were so excited to find out they were expecting a baby boy.

Little Oscar was born on 11-11-11, at quarter to 11 at night. He is such a sweet baby, and I had so much fun spending a few hours at their apartment this past weekend.

I was in the US when he was born. And even though the ideal time for newborn pictures is within the first 10 days, Oscar was perfect for me. He slept and slept and slept. Even when I moved him and stripped him down. He slept. I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that Sabina had the heat cranked up in the room so much that we were all sweating. It was perfect!

Even with nothing on but a sweet little newborn smile, Oscar was nice and comfy cosy.

I love this family, and am really going to miss them. As beautiful as Sabina is (and come on, look at this chick, she is gorgeous!!!), her personality is just as beautiful. Truly a wonderful person. And, Philip's not so bad either. :)

So, I had to include these next two pictures. I asked them to sit on the couch, and try to pretend I wasn't there. I told them to just pretend they were relaxing and hanging out as a family. And this is what Philip decided would truly portray that....

Like father, like son?

he he :)