Silliness on a Dreary Wednesday

Dreary, dreary, rainy day.  Yuck.  It is one of those days that you would love to stay all day in your pajamas.  Oh, wait.  I still am in my pajamas!  We need the rain, so I really am not complaining.  Until I have to go to the store later, then trying to carry the baby, the purse, and the groceries, in the rain probably will result in some complaining.  But I guess I should just be glad I am not in France, and would have to include the walk to and from the grocery store, pushing a stroller, to my list of things to do in the rain. My dad emailed me these pictures last night.  Sunday, we met in the Botanical Gardens to play and take pictures (all pictures were taken by Jacob's 'Pop' or 'KK', edits were done by me).  This little face brightened up my day (I know, I am biased), so I thought I would share.