Sweet Baby J

Introducing this sweet baby boy.  At almost a month old, he was a little older than my usual newborn.  He was super sleepy though, and a dream to work with.  He also gets the 'most cooperative baby' award because, although he peed on something, or someone, FOUR times while I was there (twice on his mom!), he never went on my blankets!  He was even so polite as to wait until right after his mom picked him up from the blanket, or right before she laid him down.  He is a rock star in my book!

I absolutely loved watching J and his mom.  It was really special watching her rock him in his nursery or cuddle with him in the living room.  She is completely smitten, and it shows.  It was truly an honor capturing such tender moments between a beautiful mom and her sweet baby.

And J is really lucky, because he has one amazing mom.  J's mom is battling breast cancer right now, and her 'gonna kick cancer's butt' attitude is truly inspiring.

J- she is fighting for you, and you are definitely worth it, sweet boy!