Baby Cabe #2: Gender Reveal!

I am loving the current trend of having a gender reveal party or photo session.  But, since our family is all half way across the country...and Jacob and I leave tomorrow for SC (so no time for a photo shoot), I had to settle for a mini-mini-session with Jacob.  I literally took 7 pictures before one of the balloons popped, and scared Jacob enough that he wanted nothing to do with the balloons any more!  Oh well, I got what I needed.  So!  Without further ado...  






There you have it!  Baby Cabe #2 is a girl!  Matthew and I could not be happier.  Bring on the pink!! :)


One more, just because I thought it was cute.  (This was t minus 30 seconds before the balloon popped.  Stupid popcorn ceilings. :/).


Cake Smash/1 Year Session

Before I get to little Miss Anna, I have some good news to share- It is official!  Kimberly Cabe Photography has a business license in the state of Oklahoma!  Woohoo!  I am now booking sessions, so shoot me an email or fb message if you are interested in a maternity, newborn, or baby session.


And those baby sessions can include a Cake Smash/1st Birthday session, like Anna's.

This session was done about 2 weeks before Anna's actual birthday, so I hesitated to share too many of the cake smash pictures before the big day.  But now I can!


When booking a cake smash session, it is important to remember that you NEVER know how a session like this will go.  Some love the cake and dive right in, others could care less and want nothing to do with it.  That is why I love doing sessions that don't just revolve around the cake.  For Anna, we started with some shots of her in her adorable little birthday outfit.  This also meant her mom didn't have to stress about getting a good picture of the outfit the day of the party.  One less thing to worry about.

After a quick wardrobe change (didn't want to risk staining and ruining the birthday outfit with cake icing), it was time for cake!  A couple of things to keep in mind when ordering/making a cake for a cake smash session...

-Stick with white or yellow cake.  Chocolate cake very quickly starts to look like, well, poop.  Especially the more it gets smashed and smeared.  You get the idea.

-Avoid red icing.  It can look like blood smeared on their faces.  In fact, white icing is really best all the way around.  Small bits of colored icing as decoration is fine, but do keep in mind that colored icing is made with food coloring, which can stain!

-Professionally-made cakes really do make a difference in photographs.  Most grocery store bakeries will make a small 'smash cake' for not too much money.  Bakery icing usually holds up much better than homemade as well.

Do a quick Google search for 'cake smash' and you will see what I am talking about.


After a cake smash, I like to finish the session with a nice, warm bubble bath!  Not only does the bath clean the icing off the baby, but most babies love baths, and it has a very calming effect.  And, I think, a great photo op.

And there you have it, a great Cake Smash/1 Year Session.  They grow so fast, and it is important to document these big milestones.  Hard to believe just one year ago, Anna was just a tiny little newborn.

Olivia- 6 Weeks Old

Things have started slowing down, finally!  We have a contract on a house, but won't close til February 14th.  I think I have finally lined everything up (contractors, painters, insurance, etc) for the new house.  I can't even start to think about starting the process of starting a business here in Oklahoma until after we get settled in the house (not to mention all of my newborn blankets, wraps, props, etc are all in a shipping container somewhere in Greenville).  I am definitely going into photography withdrawal.  Poor Jacob is probably really sick of me and my camera. I started going back through all of the sessions from the end of the year so I could update my website, and realized I never finished blogging all of my sessions from France.  We were only in France for about 2 weeks to pack up the apartment, and during that time, I had 4 sessions in 3 days.  I shared some of these pictures on facebook, but never added them here.

Sweet Olivia is the youngest daughter of a very dear friend of Matthew's.  In fact, Matthew is the godfather to his son, Imanol.  I took Imanol's newborn pictures back in December 2009.  He was the 4th newborn I photographed.  Boy, I look back at those pictures and I am almost embarrassed!  I know I am constantly growing as a photographer, but it is kind of wonderful (and embarrassing) to see how much better I am from my first newborn in February 2009 until now.

Enough about that, onto little Olivia.  Since we were in the US when Olivia was born, I missed that sweet spot for newborn photography (first 10 days).  Olivia was 6 weeks old when I photographed her.  I had little hope of getting those curled up, sleeping newborn poses, but with a little help from a hair dryer, lots of rocking, and some swaddling, Olivia succumbed to my baby whispering ways.  I could have rocked this sweet little angel all day!