Olivia- 6 Weeks Old

Things have started slowing down, finally!  We have a contract on a house, but won't close til February 14th.  I think I have finally lined everything up (contractors, painters, insurance, etc) for the new house.  I can't even start to think about starting the process of starting a business here in Oklahoma until after we get settled in the house (not to mention all of my newborn blankets, wraps, props, etc are all in a shipping container somewhere in Greenville).  I am definitely going into photography withdrawal.  Poor Jacob is probably really sick of me and my camera. I started going back through all of the sessions from the end of the year so I could update my website, and realized I never finished blogging all of my sessions from France.  We were only in France for about 2 weeks to pack up the apartment, and during that time, I had 4 sessions in 3 days.  I shared some of these pictures on facebook, but never added them here.

Sweet Olivia is the youngest daughter of a very dear friend of Matthew's.  In fact, Matthew is the godfather to his son, Imanol.  I took Imanol's newborn pictures back in December 2009.  He was the 4th newborn I photographed.  Boy, I look back at those pictures and I am almost embarrassed!  I know I am constantly growing as a photographer, but it is kind of wonderful (and embarrassing) to see how much better I am from my first newborn in February 2009 until now.

Enough about that, onto little Olivia.  Since we were in the US when Olivia was born, I missed that sweet spot for newborn photography (first 10 days).  Olivia was 6 weeks old when I photographed her.  I had little hope of getting those curled up, sleeping newborn poses, but with a little help from a hair dryer, lots of rocking, and some swaddling, Olivia succumbed to my baby whispering ways.  I could have rocked this sweet little angel all day!