The Pages {Greenville Extended Family Session}

In 2008 Matthew and I were preparing for our move to France with Michelin.  Our house was on the market, I had told my principal I would not be returning in the fall, and I was slightly freaking out! Matthew had been in an intensive one-on-one French class for months, but I was just about to start the "wives" French class.  I walked into my first class, and that is when I met Jen.

And that, as they say, was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  Jen and her family moved to France about 3 months after we did.  And, although they were at a completely different stage of life than us (we had no kids and they had 3), Freddie and Jen quickly became some of our closest friends.  I absolutely adore this family, so much in fact that we asked them to be Elizabeth's godparents.

Last fall Jen and I talked about meeting at Freddie's sister's land to do an extended family session for Freddie's brother's and sister's families, as well as a few shots of allll the cousins together.  This was my first time doing so many families all at once. And with 9 kids...well, ya just never know!  But, it was a breeze!  Everyone was on time.  All of the kids were so sweet and well behaved.  We zipped through each family's pictures and then set up for the cousin pics.  And you know what?  They killed it!  I didn't even have to do a single head swap in Photoshop!