The Beginning of Something Beautiful

I set this post to publish at 6:50pm. That is the time that we checked into the hospital, and started our journey into Parenthood. (Although, I guess I should have set it to publish at 12:50, since that is what time it was in the US. There was quite a bit of confusion from our family in the states, since he was born at 4:48pm on November 24, that was 10:48pm on November 23. in the was his birthday the 23rd or 24th??) :)  

I still can't believe that Jacob turns one tomorrow. In some ways, November 24, 2010 feels like a million years ago. But, then it also seems like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant. Either way, what a year it has been!


For Jacob's full birth story, you can check out my old blog: