The Grieders {Fountain Inn Family Session}

Last fall there were wildfires in the mountains of SC and NC.  And although our homes were never in danger, the smoke that filled the air all around Greenville was unsettling.  Several of my sessions had to be rescheduled because of the air quality and extremely hazy conditions.  This session was done just before things got really bad.  You can see the haze off in the distance, and it kind of added a cool feeling to the images. I honestly am not sure what I would do without the family in these pictures.  While building our house last year we were quick to notice the top of a playset in a yard that backed up to ours.  We were anxious to meet all of our future neighbors, but the thought of having neighborhood kids so close was exciting.  I met Rama one day while checking on the building progress and she was out walking her dog.  During the quick chat we realized we both had one boy and one girl and that they were all around the same age.  Woohoo!

Little did I know that fast forward a year and this family would be a constant in our lives.  We spent almost every day this summer together at the pool, we carpool to school, we send our kids back and forth to play, and Rama is usually one of the first people I talk to each day.  It is an invaluable feeling to know that I have someone literally out my back door that is always more than willing to help out when I need someone to get Jacob from the bus stop or grab Lizzie from preschool if a newborn session is running long.  It is also priceless when you enjoy hanging out with another couple AND the kids get along REALLY well!

This was also a really special session for me because it was on Veteran's Day and Brian is an Air Force Veteran.  As always, thank you for your service!