The Teramano Family {Six Mile Family Session}

When I was in the first grade I got the chicken pox. Luckily for me another girl in my class had it at the same time. I say 'luckily' because since we were both out of school for almost two weeks with nothing wrong with us (except for the fact that we were highly contagious to the rest of our class), our moms let us go to each other's houses and play during those two weeks. And that was the beginning of a truly special friendship! I am so blessed to call Terri my friend of nearly (gulp) 27 years. She is one of the smartest and sweetest people I know. She puts my craftiness to shame. And the girl takes thriftiness to a whole new level. She can smell a bargain from a mile away. She also has an incredible voice. To this day, one of my favorite memories from my wedding is her singing Steven Curtis Chapman's "I Will Be Here".

Oh, and her family is pretty great too. J

A quick note about the location for this session…Last year while we were building our house, Jacob went to K4 at my old elementary school. Every morning I drove past this beautiful field with an old barn. It was so picturesque, and every morning I thought, "this would be such a beautiful spot to take pictures in". While Terri and I were discussing locations for her family session, I kept thinking about that field with the barn. I didn't know who owned it, and it definitely isn't in me to just go knock on someone's door! But, this is Six Mile after all, so I decided to reach out to a few people and see if they knew who owned the property, or if they knew someone who might know. The first person I messaged on facebook was a former teacher at Six Mile who I thought I remembered living not too far away. She immediately knew what field I was talking about, and not only knew who owned it, but also just happened to have a phone number! #ilovesmalltowns It turns out that the wife was the assistant in the library while I was in school. I worked up the courage to call and Mr. Ray answered the phone. He was extremely kind and agreed to let us borrow his field. I could have taken pictures there for hours. The barn, the rolling hills, the old fences, the gravel driveway…it was all just perfect.

Ok, enough words. Picture time!