Thoughtful Thursday: Letters to Jacob

Dear Jacob, Your first tooth has finally broken through! So far, it hasn't seemed to affect your sleep or your mood. Can I tell you that when I felt the tip of the tooth this morning, it made me sad? I know that you are growing everyday (just look in the bottom drawer of your dresser with all of the clothes that no longer fit you!), but for some reason this seems like such a big milestone. Maybe it is your sweet gummy smile that I am going to miss. Teeth just make a baby seem so much older. I am having a hard time coming to grips with how fast you are growing up.

You are eating a lot more now. I made you a potato/leek puree with Greek yogurt this week and I have never seen you eat so much! You still love your bananas and yogurt, and sweet potatoes and carrots top your list, but this was definitely a favorite. You get to try peaches this week too. I love that you are such a good eater. I can't wait until I can really cook for you!

We have been to the baby swim class several times now, and Tuesday we went to the big pool. You seem to love water! I just wish our family still had the lake house in Georgia. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from there. I wish I could have shared it with you. We will just have to make memories somewhere else!