Thoughtful Thursday: Letters to Jacob

June 30, 2011

Dear Jacob,



It is hard to believe that you have less than two weeks left in France. I hope that your dad and I will instill in you a love of travel, and that you will be back to this country that will forever be stamped on your passport. I am sad that you won't remember the first 7 1/2 months of your life and all that you have seen and experienced in such a short time.


On the other hand, I am SO excited for you to be around family. Selfishly, I will always cherish these first months when I had you all to myself (well, I did share you with Daddy at nights and on the weekends!). But, I am so excited to share you with your grandparents, Aunt Amy and Uncle Trey, and Uncle Mike. Your godparents- Steve and Margo, who you haven't even gotten to meet yet! Not to mention all of our friends who will be such a big part of your life as you grow up. Every time you do something new, even if it is just a new facial expression, I feel sad that no one else gets to see it. Sure, I take TONS of pictures, some videos, and we have a lot of Skype chats with family, but it isn't the same.


You have no idea how much love there is waiting for you on the other side of the ocean. You are starting to enter that 'separation anxiety' stage, and are a little more hesitant to go to new people. I hope that you warm up quickly to these 'new' people who have been waiting so long to love on you. I promise, you can have Mama snuggles anytime you want. In all honesty, I guess even I am going to have some adjusting to do when it comes to sharing you.


You have brought so much love to my life, sweet boy, and now you get to do the same for the rest of our family!





PS- Can you please do me a favor and be as wonderful as you were last time on the cross-Atlantic flight? I know you don't sleep as much now as you did at 4 months, and we won't have the bassinet for you this time, but it is already going to be a lonnnng 9 hour flight. Can you please promise Mommy you will be a happy, calm baby? Please?