Thoughtful Thursday: Letters to Jacob

May 10, 2012

Dear Jacob,

I just looked back to re-read the last letter I wrote to January!!! How has it been that long?! I know we have been busy with house projects in our new Oklahoma home, but almost 4 months?? No excuse. So much as changed since that letter. YOU have changed so much.

Since January, we have moved into a new house, had several visitors, made new friends, fallen into a routine, and started to really feel at home here. And, you have grown into quite the toddler. Your dad and I LOVE to see your sense of humor emerge. You love to play games, like sneaking up on someone and “tickling” them. You give kisses and hugs, although very sparingly. Which makes them all the sweeter. You are talking up a storm, although we don't understand much of what you have to say. In the last letter I wrote to you, I told you that you were mostly just saying 'woof woof' 'uh-oh' and a few 'mama's' sprinkled in. Wow, has that changed! You have Mama and Dada down solid, and 'Dada' is the first word you say in the morning. You have also added 'milk' (sounds more like 'ilk', but when you add in the sign as well as pulling on the refrigerator door, there is no question), 'down', 'more', 'please', 'tank you', Mimi, Papaw (and for some reason, you lower your voice a few octaves when you say Papaw. Adorable.), 'nana' (banana), 'ish' (fish), 'hi', 'bye-bye', 'bu' (book), 'eee' (eat), 'ovey' (your Lovey blanket), 'nigh nigh' (night night), and one of my personal faves 'Melmo' (Elmo).

You love to read. Books are a constant throughout the day, and the teacher in me loves, loves that. You also still love music and dancing. Oh, and fish.. This includes the fish in our neighbor's pond, and fish sticks. You don't love the nursery at the church. You have started recognizing the parking lot, and the crying usually starts as soon as we pull in. Thankfully, you only cry a few minutes after we have handed you off (we know, because we wait in the hallway listening for your screaming to subside). When we pick you up an hour later, you are usually sitting in the lap of the same person we handed you off to. They tell us that you haven't really played yet. You just sit and snuggle with whoever will take you. I wish you would play and have fun, but I am thankful that at least you don't cry the whole time. In August, you will start going to the church 2 days a week for 'Children's Day Out', plus nursery on Sundays, maybe then, you will get used to it and start having fun. Please?


And then there is the pool. You love the water. A few days after we took the cover off, you fell in. You were right beside your dad (praise the Lord), and he scooped you right out. Now, you wear your 'rocket pack' bubble/floaty when we are outside. I actually am very proud that you are cautious around the edge, and don't try to get in every time we go outside. Hopefully that won't change as you get more comfortable swimming. Your dad and I are really looking forward to lots of family fun this summer in the pool. I can't wait to see what a little fish you will be by the end of the summer.


Our days are not just filled with reading and dancing, though. You definitely know how to pitch a fit. You get very frustrated when you want something, and I tell you no. I promise I am doing you a favor by not giving into your every desire. Promise. One day, when you are all grown up, I hope you appreciate it. Because right now, you sometimes act like I am the meanest person on the planet. But, I love you, and I promise you don't need Cheerios ten times a day, or cleaning products that are so unfairly locked behind cabinet doors, and, yes, I do need to change that dirty diaper. Really, it is for your own good. It isn't like I enjoy it, my love.

Before I sign off (and promise not to go another 4 months before my next letter), I am leaving you with a picture I took last week. I love it because of what it shows. You have started taking your dad or me by the hand and leading us to something you want to do. I love when your pudgy little hand grab onto my fingers. Even if it is just for a walk around the yard, to go play with the blocks, or to ask me to turn on Sesame Street, I love holding your hand. I know it won't stay that small for long, and I love to have this photograph as a reminder.