Thoughtful Thursday: Letters to Jacob

July 12, 2012

Dear Jacob,

One of my favorite things about these letters, is going back and reading them. In the moment, I think I will always remember the way you do things. But even a few months later, I re-read a letter and realize I have already forgotten something. I can't imagine what a few years will do to my memory! And right now, you do so many adorable things, I just can't handle all the cuteness. I want to freeze this time, because it is just the best!

You are still young enough to have those sweet 'baby' moments. Like sucking your thumb when you get your 'Lovey'. The hilarious toddler run, which you have to do with your mouth open. The still chubby baby thighs, that everyone told me would slim down as soon as you started walking. But no, you are still perfectly chunky. The way you get upset and need to be held and cuddled.

But, at the same time, you are becoming so independent. And can do so much for yourself now. You can follow directions, and put away your toys. You know enough words to ask (or sign) for what you want, which cuts down on a lot of frustration for you. You can play independently, and love to read. You are starting to help me dress you (although, unfortunately, you have also learned to take off clothes. Like your diaper... during nap time...when you have a poopie diaper...).

Some of my most favorite things you are doing right now (and it is a long list, because, like I said, you are just amazing to me right now):

-You fully understand who you are now. You love to say your name and point to yourself. You also love to identify your belongings, by pointing to yourself, saying your name, and then pointing to an object. Like, “Jacob” “milk”... “Jacob” “book”... We love to ask, “Where's Jacob?”, and you get so excited as you point to your chest and exclaim, “Jacob!”


You also love to do 'roll-call', and name every person in the room (including Lulah). We have a bunch of pictures on the refrigerator down on your level. You will pull off pictures and point to each person in the picture, naming them one by one.

-Nodding your head. For so long, all you could do was shake your head 'no'. It was 'no' to everything! Now, you love to nod your head in a very enthusiastic agreement to every question asked. And you are so emphatic about your agreement. Your eyes get big, your mouth goes open, and your little head starts bobbing up and down. Sometimes you are so busy agreeing with me, you will walk right into a piece of furniture. I know the toddler-saying-no-to-everything stage is coming, so right now I am especially enjoying all of the sweet agreeing that is going on.

-Swimming. Wow, what a little fish you are. You love going under the water, and try your very best to swim to us. Most times, you end up looking like you are peddling a bike, instead of kicking your feet out behind you. We just finished a week of swim lessons. You did great! You are jumping off the side (although, you really need to work on jumping out more). You go down the slide into the water. And your Aunt Amy got you to float on your back.

Getting your certificate for completing swim lessons.


-Helping me cook. You love, love, love to help 'sir, sir, sir' (“stir”). I can't cook anything without you dragging a chair to the kitchen island and demanding a spoon. It isn't always convenient, and it is always messy, but I love my little budding chef. One hope I have for you, is that you will love and appreciate food, in a healthy way. I want you to appreciate where your food comes from, and enjoy preparing fresh, healthy meals. Next year, your dad and I plan on starting a garden, so you can really experience food.

-Saying 'thank you'. You probably say thank you 50 times a day. You say it when I give you something. You say it when you give me something. I love your sweet manners! Oh, and giving hugs and kisses. You love giving hugs and kisses. Nothing is sweeter when you open up your arms and say “hug?”. Always, sweet boy. Always.

-New word that you say all the time: 'ewww'.

You love to touch things and let out a long, drawn-out 'ewwww!'.


-You are getting so smart, and learning so much. You know a lot of your animals, thanks to puzzles and your Leap Frog Fridge Farm. Your favorites are duck, fish, horse, pig, cow, dog, and sheep. You are identifying a few colors- mostly yellow and green. Although 'geen' is by far your favorite, and when in doubt, the answer is 'geen'. (although, I personally love how you say 'lellow') And you are obsessed with naming body parts. We picked you up from the church nursery one Sunday to find you on the floor with one of the ladies, and about 20 dolls. You were pointing out all of the dolls noses, ears, eyes, hands, and bellies. It is impossible for you to look at a picture of a human or animal without pointing out where their eyes are.

Last week was 4th of July. We ate dinner with some friends on Saturday, and their neighbors were having a huge fireworks show. I wasn't sure how you would react to the loud sound (especially since we were pretty close, closer than this nervous Nancy liked...). You loved it! You just kept saying 'pop! pop! pop!' and in between fireworks you wanted to 'moch moch moch' around in the grass (“march”).

We just had a slew of visitors. I love watching you interact with those that love you so much. I was really bad at taking pictures, but here are a few of our time with family. I know you miss them as much as your dad and I do!