Thoughtful Thursdays: Letters to Jacob

October 13, 2011

Dear Jacob,

Shew! You have given me a run for my money the last few weeks. It wasn't helped by the fact that your Daddy was in Brazil. After months of being a great napper, you suddenly decided that naps weren't as cool as I tried to make them out to be. It was really hard to get anything done! But, after about two weeks of that silliness, you went back to being my nap champ. THANK YOU!!

I think it had a lot to do with the fact that you are no longer a one-tooth-wonder! You now have a whopping THREE teeth (and at least two more on their way)! Strangely, your bottom tooth is still a loner, while two have popped through the top. And it isn't even the two top middle teeth. Why do I have a feeling that this is just one of many times in your life when you will do things in your own way??

And your daddy is home!!! Oh, how I love to see the two of you together. My heart feels so full when I am in the kitchen making dinner and I hear your sweet giggles erupting from the living room as you and Daddy “wrestle” on the floor. He loves to tickle you and hear your laughter and squeals. Such a sweet sound. Sadly for both of us, he heads back to Brazil on Sunday. I know you miss him as much as I do. It is really hard for him because he feels like he is missing so much while he is gone. He is afraid he is going to miss your first words, your first steps. Your first everything! This is one reason we decided to take the job in Oklahoma. With the new job, your dad will hardly ever travel, which means he will be home every night to play with you!

This has been a great week, mostly because your dad took off the whole week to stay at home with us. I wish we could keep him here with us everyday! (but then there are those pesky little things called bills...).



PS- Please don't be mad when you look back at pictures from this time. Your hair is getting a little crazy. I have trimmed it a few times on the top and sides. But I just can't bring myself to cut your beautiful curls in the back, hence the beginning stages of a baby mullet. Maybe we will start a trend. NO?