Thoughtful Thursdays: Letters to Jacob

November 17, 2011

Dear Jacob,


Woof, Woof. There it is. Your first word. Not ‘Mama’. Not ‘DaDa’. Woof. Woof. (Ok, it is more like ‘wu, wu’, but since you say it every time the dogs bark, we get the jist.)


I have to tell you that even though it isn't 'the' word I have been hoping to hear, it is so much fun to be able to “communicate” with you. So much fun, that at least 20 times a day, our conversation goes like this:

Me: “Jacob, what do the dogs say?”

You: {blank stare}

Me: “Jacob, what does Lulah say?”

You: {insert raspberry blowing here}

Me: “Jacob, does Lulah say 'woof woof'?...

'woof, woof'?...

'woof woof'?...

You: “wu wu”

Me: “Good boy!!!! That's right! The dogs say 'woof woof'! Lulah says 'woof woof'!!!! You are such a smart little boy! How ever did you get to be so clever?! Yay!! 'woof woof'! 'woof' woof'!!!!

You: {raspberry}


(ok, so the last part was a little exaggerated, but I do feel like I get overly excited when I ask you a question and you can now verbally respond!)


Let's talk about your walking. You must have been just showing off for your Dad last week, because I can't get you to take another step for anything. I offer you toys, my cell phone, the remote... You either reach out so far for the item that you fall over, or you simply drop to your knees and crawl to me. This is really, honestly okay with me. I am in no hurry for you to walk, it is just now a fun little game/exercise to play.


Next subject: your hair. Your beautiful, golden, thick, head of hair. With those sweet baby curls in the back... They are gone now.

On a whim, I took you in to have a trim before your first birthday next week (more on that in a minute), and before I knew it, the guy had pulled out the clippers and my your curls were all over the floor. You look like such a, toddler! I was having a little bit of trouble breathing as we drove home.


Speaking of difficulty breathing, that is the same problem I have every time I think about the fact that you will be ONE next week. Where in the world has the time gone?

Your birthday falls on Thanksgiving, so we are just celebrating with family this year. No big ta-da (even though that is secretly what I wanted for your birthday).

I don't know how I am ever going to write next week''s letter. The letter to you on your first birthday. Maybe I will get your dad to write it, while I sob on the floor beside him.


Just kidding. Really. I am overwhelmingly grateful at the year I have been blessed with. It has been wonderful watching you grow and change. A happy, happy year. I wouldn't trade those 356 days for anything. Except maybe for some of those colicky days with some of the post-colicky days...


Looking at all of your baby pictures has just made me realize how quickly it all goes by. Every parent tells me that. Before I know it, I will be sitting here writing you a letter for your first day of school. When I am ready to trade you in for a less hormonal, non-teenage model. When you go off to college. The day of your wedding. The birth of your first child. And a million other milestones that lay ahead for you. I am looking forward to them all (even those teenage years!).