Thoughtful Thursdays: Letters to Jacob

December 1, 2011

Dear Jacob,


You are in Georgia, I am in France, and your dad is in Brazil. There is something wrong with this picture!


It still feels surreal that you are over 4000 miles away from me! I have no doubt that your Mimi and Papaw are taking wonderful care of you, but I still miss you like crazy. It doesn't help, that everywhere I look in the apartment, I see little reminders of you. Of course, everything left here is from when you were just a baby (not the grown-up toddler that you are today!). Teeny-tiny onesies, your pacifiers (that, thank goodness, you stopped wanting all on your own around 5 months), little shoes, your crib and mobile... Sweet little reminders of our time here in your very first home.


Today was your first day at a daycare. How did it go? Your Papaw told me you started playing immediately, and even crawled over to Ms. Pam before he left. But what about after that? When you realized Papaw was gone and you were all alone with strangers. Were you upset? Did you cry? Did you take a good morning nap or eat a good lunch? Did you play nicely with the other children (or take away the toys from the only baby younger than you, like you did the day I took you over to meet everyone)? I honestly think this will be a good experience for us both, but that doesn't change the fact that I want to jump right back on a plane and come get you.


Please be extra good for your grandparents the next 2 weeks. I love you, but you can be quite exhausting! Try to sleep well at night, so they can too.


I am counting down the days til I see you again. Try not to grow or change or do anything new until I get back, ok?