Thoughtful Thursdays: Letters to Jacob

Jacob: “Seriously, Mom? Another post about me?”

Me: “Yes, Jacob. Seriously. For one, it is just you and me, in a hotel room, most days. Not much else going on. Not to mention, your grandparents and aunts and uncles miss you and want to see you. So, yes. Another post with pictures of you. Sorry buddy.”

January 26, 2012

Dear Jacob,

We have been living in Oklahoma for almost 3 weeks now. You seem to have adjusted easily to your new, hotel life. You have already made friends with all of the hotel staff. One lady in the office downstairs is already trying to marry you off to her 2 year old granddaughter. I am not sure how our “neighbors” feel about you though. There have been several afternoons where you have decided to practice the art of temper tantrums. Can I just tell you that you are really good at throwing them, and no more practice is needed?

It has been a busy three weeks. We have found a new home, and now are just waiting for it to be official. Unfortunately, our shipment from France won't get here for a while, so it looks like about a month more of hotel living for us. But, as long as the weather is nice, like it has been most days, we will keep going to the park and the playground.

 concentrating, really hard.

Your Aunt Amy asked me the other day if you were doing anything new. It took me a while to think of something. You seem to be learning something new everyday, and sometimes I think I just take it for granted and don't really appreciate all that you are doing, and how much you are changing. You haven't added a lot to your spoken vocabulary. Still a lot of 'woof woof' and 'uh-oh'. Sometimes you get out a 'MaMa', but you still aren't very consistent with that. You have started signing a lot more though. You now ask for 'more' followed with a 'please'. You can sign 'milk' and 'dad' (although you will sign dad when talking about a lot of things). You can sign (or, at least gesture in the general area) for 'diaper', and we think we have seen a few 'thank you's. It is so nice when you can communicate with us. Especially since you have a little temper running through you, and you get so frustrated when you want something and we aren't giving it to you right now! I love, love that when you are annoyingly whining for something, we can gently remind you to ask for 'more' 'please', and you do! (and, you seem to think that while signing 'please' you have to put this huge, cheesy, toothy, smile on your face. I am ok with that.)

I love spending my days with you. Doesn't matter that it is in a tiny hotel room, thousands of miles away from our family. We are doing ok. Great, actually.

Sharing with Mommy.

You love playing with your truck.

And you have to make the motor sounds. (Are boys just born knowing how to do this?)

You love music. I have missed having a cd player here, and listening to all of our nursery rhymes and silly songs. Today, we went to Walmart and bought one. You were fascinated.

But you kept hitting the play/pause button. And I told you to stop. You don't like being told 'no'.

It's a hard life. I know. I'm sorry.

And did you notice the big change between the pictures from this morning and this afternoon? Yep, you got a hair cut. You were a rock star in that salon chair. You sat there like such a big boy and didn't move at all. I was so proud of you. But seriously, do any hair dressers understand the meaning of trimming “just a little”? Where did my baby go? Who is this big boy?

There he is. There is my little one.

Just before nap time, when you are getting tired and need your Lovey. You get all cuddly. That is where I find my sweet baby. 

Love, Mom