Thoughtful Thursdays: Letters to Jacob

June 7, 2012

Dear Jacob,

About 3 weeks ago, you got a new friend. Lulah rejoined our family, after living with your Maudy while we were in France. You got to know Lulah last fall, but you spent most of that time grabbing her hair and pulling her ears. To put it kindly, Lulah wasn't a fan of yours.

Maudy drove Lulah all the way from SC to Oklahoma to us. Now, you are at a great age for Lulah. You are better at following directions, and seem to understand the world 'gentle'. You still have your moments, like when you think pouncing on Lulah is a good idea. But, overall, you have done really well.

Lulah is warming up to the idea of you too. She loves to come in your room when we get you up in the morning or from naps. She practically claws her way through the crib slats to get to you. Once you are on her level, she covers your face with kisses (even she can't resist those cheeks of yours!).

It is fun to see you and Lulah play together. You throw the ball for her, and play tug-of-war with her. Sometimes you like to hide the ball for her, but she doesn't quite understand that game. And you are the only one that openly asks for kisses from Lulah. (And by openly, I mean you literally lean down with your mouth open. Completely gross, but you think it is hilarious.))

Unfortunately, Lulah has not learned to take cover when you throw one of your toddler tantrums. More than once she has fallen victim to a flailing leg or arm. She will learn quickly though. She is a smart dog.

I just know you and Lulah are going to be the best of buds.