Thoughtful Thursdays: Letters to Jacob

October 4, 2012

Dear Jacob,

A few weeks ago, our family made a pretty big announcement- you are going to be a big brother! Your little brother or sister (we find out next week) will be joining our little family in March. I think you are going to be a great big brother! It is hard to imagine what you will be like by the time March rolls around. I look back to my last letter to you, just 2 months ago, and goodness gracious you have changed so much!

You are at such a fun age. I know I say that every time, but your personality just keeps coming out. You have such a sense of humor. And you love, love, love to play with your Dad. The wrestling matches have already started!

And your vocabulary! You aren't exactly speaking in full sentences, but almost. Some of your favorite phrases are:

-'shake your booty' (while dancing, which you LOVE to do),

-'kiss it better' And even though you are a pretty tough kid, you often need Mama to 'kiss it better', and if one kiss doesn't work, you keep asking until the 'boom boom' ('boo boo') feels better,

-'Mine! Mine! Mine!'. Oy. Worst. Word. Ever. Everything is 'mine!', even when it isn't. And when we politely inform you that you are not, in fact, the owner of Lulah's kong toy, the remote control, or our sunglasses, a suitable toddler tantrum follows suit,

-'No thank you'. I thought 'no' would be the dreaded toddler word. Not yet anyway. You are very polite about it all.

Jacob, please eat your green beans.” “No thank you.”

Jacob, time for a bath.” “No thank you.”

Jacob, you have a stinky, let's change your diaper.”

“No thank you.”

Jacob, can Mama have a kiss?”

“No thank you.”

Even when you are saying no to us, it is just so darn cute.

- “Yeah, fine”. I really don't know where this came from. And, we need to work on the use of the word 'yeah' and start saying 'yes, ma'am or sir' or at the very least, just 'yes'.

Jacob, did you have fun at school today?”

“Yeah, fine.”

Jacob, would you like some milk?”

“Yeah, fine.”

Really? Where did you get that?

- “Gooooo Tigers!” This one melts your father's heart. You love to put on your gameday gear, and anytime you see a tiger paw, the color orange, or any football game is on, you yell, “Goooo Tigers!” or “Yay team!”. Precious! One Friday morning when your dad came to get you up, he was dressed in a Clemson shirt. Before saying anything else, you pointed to the paw and said, “Go Tigers!”. Yep. Your dad was pretty proud.


You love to sing. Especially the theme songs for Elmo's World and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. But any song that has “la la” in it is a personal favorite.

You love Pirates and saying “Ahoy Mamie!”. We even got you a pirate outfit for Halloween.

You still love to read. In fact, many mornings, you don't want to get out of your crib. When I come in to get you, you ask for a book, and stay in the crib for a long time just 'reading'.

“Jacob do you want to get up and go downstairs?”

“No thank you.”

You love to pretend to be different animals. A frog, where you jump (or try to jump, haven't quite mastered that skill yet...) around the room saying 'ribbit'. A cat, and you say 'meow'. And, lately, a favorite- a dinosaur, where you love to roar as loud as you can (you have gotten quite good), and love to get me to squeal and run from the scary dinosaur.

Oh! And the biggest change in your life since the last letter- you started “school”. It is a 2x/week 'Children's Day Out' Program out our church. You love it! I was so nervous the first morning, but you were one of the few not crying. You barely had time to give your old mom a kiss before you were off and playing. AND, you took a nap with the other kids. Like, on the floor... With other kids all around you! What?! I was shocked. You have never been the kid that would sleep anywhere. You won't even fall asleep on the couch. Your teachers are magical. That must be it. On Tuesday mornings I have joined a women's Bible Study, so you get to play with friends that day too. Fridays, we have MOMs Group. That leaves Thursdays when it is just you and me. And honestly, I think you are kind of bored with just me those days.

I feel like I want to videotape you and all your cuteness 24/7 these days. The way you talk, the toddler walk and run, the sloppy open mouth kisses, and sweet hugs you is all so cute. The only problem, is if I did record you 24/7, we would also capture the not-so-cute moments. The toddler tantrums are anything but cute. I know so much of your little world must frustrate you right now. And I wish that you could just understand that I love you more than life itself, and I promise that everything I do or say truly is for the best. But you don't understand, and you get frustrated, and you show me and anyone around us exactly how you feel. Like at Walmart the other day, when I pulled a screaming, kicking toddler out of the carseat, and physically could not get you and your flailing limbs into the shopping cart. I finally gave up. I wrestled said screaming toddler (that was you, by the way, my love) back into the carseat and drove home. Mission: Walmart- failed.

I am sorry this is so long. So much has changed in two months! And I don't want to forget a single thing!