Baby Cabe #2: Gender Reveal!

I am loving the current trend of having a gender reveal party or photo session.  But, since our family is all half way across the country...and Jacob and I leave tomorrow for SC (so no time for a photo shoot), I had to settle for a mini-mini-session with Jacob.  I literally took 7 pictures before one of the balloons popped, and scared Jacob enough that he wanted nothing to do with the balloons any more!  Oh well, I got what I needed.  So!  Without further ado...  






There you have it!  Baby Cabe #2 is a girl!  Matthew and I could not be happier.  Bring on the pink!! :)


One more, just because I thought it was cute.  (This was t minus 30 seconds before the balloon popped.  Stupid popcorn ceilings. :/).


All About Henry (maternity and newborn: a blogging two-fer)

In the spirit of catching up on my blogging, I am going to give you a blogging two-fer. First up, MaryAnn's maternity session from back in January.  See that cute little volley-ball of a belly?  Inside is little Henry.  You will meet him further down.

We did this session on January 1.  Five days later, we moved to Oklahoma.  We came back to Greenville in March for a visit, and I was able to do a newborn session with little Henry then.  I have probably said it a hundred times, but for those new to my blog or newborn photography, THE best time for a newborn session is within the first 10 days.  First two weeks, max.  Henry was 7 weeks old during our session.  He was a rock star though.  I actually loved that I got more alert/awake photographs, and some of my favorites are of him pushing up (this kid has some mad upper body strength already!).  The downside, is we weren't able to get all of those sweet curled up, naked, sleeping, newborn pictures.  I worked my baby whispering magic on him, and got him to sleep if I had him swaddled nice and tight.  The second I tried to unwrap him, his eyes would pop open, and he would give me a look like, "are you crazy lady?".